5 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Eating Organic

Organic foods are quite popular and these foods are included in the diet who wishes to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most of the diets one follow today to lose weight recommend eating lots of vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. The most popular weight loss keto diet talks about eating the right food. You can get more information about the same here Hello Keto Diet. But if the food we eat are adulterated and are loaded with chemicals then it will do only more harm to your body than good. Hence you need to be very choosy from where you buy the foods and try to consume only organic food items as it comes with many benefits. Below mentioned are few benefits that are offered by organic foods.

  • Organic foods are produced without pesticides- The chemicals like herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides are used widely in conventional agriculture. These residues remain on food items we eat.
  • It does not contain preservatives- The organic foods are fresher as it does not have any preservatives on it. The organic foods are sold near to the farms where it’s grown.
  • Organically raised animals are not fed growth hormones or given antibiotics- Use of antibiotics will develop antibiotic-resistant bacteria and feeding the animals with the growth hormones increases the risk of various illnesses in them. The animals which are allowed to freely move around and given the right food will be healthier.
  • Organic foods are GMO-free- Genetically engineered foods or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are those plants whose DNA has been altered in a different way which cannot occur in traditional cross-breeding or in nature.
  • Organic milk and meat are rich in various nutrients- There are various studies which shows that organically produced milk or meat are richer in various nutrients such omega-3 fatty acids.
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The Best Habits to Help You Live Longer

We all wish others for a long life. In fact, is this truly possible in the current living world where everyone is busy and have to depend on unhealthy food for sustaining? Well, this gets a quiet controversy. However, making some genuine changes in your present lifestyle can guarantee a happy life for years.

Let Prevention Be the Primary Choice

Even though we are equipped with a good healthcare system, it is better to stay away from creating a diseased scene. All the chronic issues like cardiovascular problems or even cancer can be really prevented before it becomes complicated unless it is genetically associated.

Here are the tips that you should definitely stick for a healthier and longer life.

  • Never take a chance to get addicted to smoking. While one starts with a puff or two, some could not control further and might become a habit. Several medications are currently available to break this nicotine habit and are effective. Do opt for it.
  • Limit the alcohol content drinks to a moderate level consumption. Liquor offerings are still a part of social get together and sometime you may not be able to get rid of it. However, you can limit this item for the choice of healthy future life.
  • Be wise enough to follow a healthy diet. This is the must thing so that your body gets appropriate levels of all the nutrients and is good for a prolonged life. In addition, always keep your body hydrated which is essential for maintaining the equilibrium status of the body and also, for the proper functioning of all the body systems.
  • Follow a routine exercising strategy. Doing so maintains your body physique and helps to be in a healthy weight level or on your appropriate BMI. Further, it makes the body flexible and beautiful. Several healthcare products are available on producing the health coupons that aids you in the weight loss process.


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10 Reasons Why Organic Food Is Better For You And The Planet

Today most of the supermarkets will have a dedicated section for organic products. In fact, there are many consumers of organic food today and this trend is sure to grow. But is it really advantageous to have organic food and is it beneficial for us and for the planet that we stay in?

What does organic mean

The products that are organic do not contain:

  • Genetically modified organisms
  • Antibiotics or growth hormones that are fed to the animals
  • Synthetic fertilizers

The benefits listed below will make you understand why you should shift to organic produce.

10benefits of eating organic food

At Dreamguides, understand why you should switch to organic eating.


  • It is free of GMOs which are used with a harmful chemical
  • It is free of pesticides that are toxic and thus it is safe to consume
  • It keeps the soil healthy. Since the procedure do not make use of any toxic chemicals takes care of the health of the planet
  • It is fresh because it does not use any preservatives
  • It does not cause any harm to humans and animals who stay close to the farms as no pesticides are used in organic farming
  • It is rich in nutrients and has more vitamins, micronutrients, enzymes, and minerals. This is because organic food is grown on nourished soil and using farming practices that are sustainable
  • It supports pollinators and makes sure that a level of biodiversity is maintained
  • It increases plants and animal diversity because the procedure does not rely on chemicals
  • It is a great investment for our future and can be enjoyed by many generations to come
  • It tastes better because the organic products are grown on soil that is well nourished

More and more people are switching to consuming products that are organic because of the many benefits that organic farming offers to our health and to the planet.…

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Top 10 Tips You Should Know To Throw A Great Garden Party

Garden parties are super fun and let you and your guests have a laid-back time. Do not forget to purchase the kamado grill people want.

Keep the setting simple

Use a butcher paper on the table which makes it easy to clean up later. Also, make sure that the table that you spread out is of a dark color so that you do not have to keep cleaning it often. You could add colors by using colorful cutlery and napkins.

Choose bold colored cutlery

Summer is the time when you will be throwing a garden party. So make sure that the setting is bright and colorful. Use the cold colors of cutlery. You could use a colorful mix of plates and glasses. Also, make sure that the setting that you use is decked with a different mix of bright colors.

Scented candles

Candles create a charm that in fact no amount of lighting can create. For a decoration use some scented candles that will also create a soothing fragrance. You could also make a potpourri and put in some soothing fragrance that will make your guests feel relaxed.

Fresh flowers

What better way to complete your decor. Add some fresh flower bouquets around and see how the place lits up all by itself. This is something that you should not miss to include. Make sure that you choose the flowers and create an artistic bouquet with it.


The party is incomplete without some nice music. Make a playlist of some soothing song collections and play it to make the garden party lovely. Let the music keep playing in the background. Make sure that you start to plan the list early and also add enough number of songs so that the same songs don’t get repeated.

The best part about garden parties is that you can keep it simple and still have a great time. Here is how you can throw a garden party with some minimal setting but still make it impressive.…

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How Stress Affects Your Period & Best Ways To Stay Calm

A missing period can be the cause of many Sleepless Nights and stress. Pregnancies are scary especially when they are unplanned, which is why we panic when the due date is delayed by even a single day. The irony is in most situations periods are delayed because we are stressed out. It’s a vicious circle that we just cannot seem to break through.

How stress causes delay in periods?

The hormone cortisol is responsible for causing stress blocking the levels of progesterone in our bodies. Progesterone is the hormone which is equal to handle stress so not only this can mess up the cycle it can even make periods extremely painful.

A strange fact many of us don’t know is that a late period might not count as a period at all, it’s just your uterus shedding the inner lining and not actually completing the cycle of periods.

What can we do to be stress-free?

·         Sleep well

Stress and anxiety are the major causes of poor quality of sleep. Not getting adequate sleep, or sleeping poorly will call high levels of cortisol hormone in the bloodstream. So instead of running to catch up on sleep, drink a cup of hot chamomile and tuck in early.

·         Try to relax

It might seem like the most obvious advice to offer in this situation, however, there is no better way of decompressing and reducing stress then just taking a break from our busy lives. Go to a spa, romantic dinner, whatever makes you feel good. When you are happy your body is happy. Use the Louis Vuitton discount you have saving for so long. go shopping!

·         Utilize essential oils

Sage and frankincense essential oils have proven benefits in supporting reproductive system, and peppermint oil can give much-needed pain relief when rubbed on the abdomen.…

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