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Studying a 1vkk protein

Crystal structure of Glia maturation factor-gamma (GMFG) from Mus musculus 



  1. 1vkk is a 1 chain protein structure with cDNA sequence from Lk3 transgenic mouse.
  2. Full crystallographic information is available from TOPSAN.
  3. 1VKK has a known liigand PO4.
  4. The GMFG gen comes from a LK3 transgenic mouse.

Also consult FirstGlance, OCA, Abmgood, Gentaur and TOPSAN
  1. TOPSAN allows to create groups of proteins using a smart tagging system.
  2. This feature gives labs the ability to create customized higher-order groupings based on their oselection criteria mapped onto TOPSAN proteins.
  3. SCOP hierarchical classification protein systems were mapped onto TOPSAN, where each protein that has a SCOP entry can be annotated at its respective Class, Fold, Superfamily, or Family level, as defined in SCOP.
  4. In addition to allowing users to describe features at the higher order of the individual structure, community-based structure classification to the SCOP hierarchy could be propagated back to SCOP.
  5. Pre-defined classification systems on TOPSAN to create groupings of proteins for higher-order annotations is currently being expanded to use CATH [27], PFAM [24], and metabolic pathway.

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