Gentaur couples publications, pathways and gene information to gene related research products and was founded in 2000 by Bio-engineer Lieven Gentaur (University of Gent, Belgium)
The company has a team of 17 Biologists supporting new applications and a total of 25 employees. The turn-over has grown to 4 500 000 Usd in 2018.

The Gentaur group is present in 8 European countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Poland and Bulgaria. The central stock in Belgium consolidates reagents of about 50 Us Life Science suppliers through their shipping centre Genprice Inc. in San Jose, CA offers the most efficient distribution/procurement in Europe with centralized logistics and gene related support.
Exosomal, miRNA , lentiviral , iPS cell research where successfully introduced in Europe by Gentaur.