All-In-One 5X RT MasterMix | G592

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abm | All-In-One 5X RT MasterMix | G592

All-In-One 5X RT MasterMix is a convenient and ready-to-use formulation for first-strand cDNA synthesis, including genomic DNA (gDNA) removal. Genomic DNA contamination is a common problem for accurate RNA detection and this kit solves that problem without affecting reverse transcription and first-strand cDNA synthesis. With this kit, cDNA synthesis will be simple, reliable, and reproducible. The optimized 5X RT MasterMix contains abm’s proprietary OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase, RNaseOFF Ribonuclease Inhibitor, temperature-sensitive DNase, dNTPs, and a finely-balanced ratio of Oligo (dT)s and Random Primers. The high-quality cDNA synthesized from this kit can be used for a wide range of downstream applications.

Key Features

• Efficient digestion of ss/dsDNA

• Maximal RNA protection – no harsh extraction steps required

• One tube, one reaction – no stopper solution or multiple handling steps

• Streamlined protocol suitable for high-throughput applications

• Simple setup for any RNA template

• High reproducibility and cDNA yield with genomic DNA (gDNA) removal

Shipping Condition:

Dry Ice

Storage Condition:

Store at -20°C.

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Additional Information

100 rxn
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