Gel Electrophoresis System with Time Control | Q-EP-2100

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abm | Q-EP-2100 | Gel Electrophoresis System with Time Control

abm’s Gel Electrophoresis System with Time Control comes with either a 100-120V or a 220-240 V Input. This gel system includes a tank with lid (19.7cm x 14.1cm x 5.5cm), a power supply with time control (voltage outputs: 25V, 50V, 75V and 100V) and a casting tray (6 compartments for 4 mini and 2 landscape gels and two reversible combs). In the 220-240 V input Gel Electrophoresis System, a Stepdown Transformer is also included for the 220/240V operation.

Feature and Specifications:

  • Cast and run your gels at the same time using both the stand-alone casting system and the electrophoresis system separately
  • Compact unit with integrated power supply saves work space
  • Leak-free polycarbonate buffer tank

Shipping Condition:

Ambient Temperature

Storage Condition:

Ambient Temperature

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