UltraBright UV Transilluminator | Q-MB-16

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abm | Q-MB-16 | UltraBright UV Transilluminator

The UltraBright UV Transilluminator comes with either a 16cm x 20cm or a 21 x 26 cm (Large View) uniformly lighted viewing area. It emits UV light at 302nm with adjustable light intensity and a 28cm x 34cm footprint. The UV blocking cover has a sturdier design than traditional covers which tend to snap and crack at the hinges.

Feature and Specifications:

  • UV blocking cover blocks 99.99% of UV light
  • Quick turn-on for UV lamps
  • Intensity of UV light is adjustable from 50 – 100%
  • UV shield is break-resistant for long lasting use

Shipping Condition:

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Storage Condition:

Ambient Temperature

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