Micro-volume Spectrophotometer Pro | Q-MN-913A

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abm | Q-MN-913A | Micro-volume Spectrophotometer Pro

The Micro-volume Spectrophotometer Pro measures DNA, RNA and protein concentrations and sample purity in samples as small as 2 µl. This instrument is compatible with a large concentration range (2 ng/µl to 2000 ng/µl dsDNA) and does not require diluting samples, with each measurement requiring less than 5 seconds with a simple pipette and wipe. The new All-In-One Micro-volume Spectrophotometer Pro includes an embedded computer, touch panel and integrated thermal printer - all in one device, offering fast and easy conversion from samples to accurate and reliable data.

Feature and Specifications:

  • The rigid light path-length during measurement reduces frequency of calibration
  • Automatically adjusts light intensity, elongating the life time of the device and ensuring stable performance over many years
  • Auto-measures and auto-calibrates upon turning on the instrument
  • One-step re-calibration with one finger touch
  • Normalizes of concentration measurement
  • Optical-fiber-free device that reduces the chance of accidents that may damage the device
  • Easy modular-based system for maintenance and repair by local partners /distributors
  • Built-in touch screen compatible with lab gloves for easy operation

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