MiSeq V3 (150 Cycles, 2x75nt, 25M Reads) Lane Rental | IM13150

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abm | MiSeq V3 (150 Cycles, 2x75nt, 25M Reads) Lane Rental | IM13150

We provide a wide range of sequencing-only services on the Illumina sequencing platform at an affordable price and fast turnaround time. This allows flexible use of your own library and index or barcode adapter and saves costs, so you do not need to pay extra for sample preparation.

Metagenomic sequencing can provide insight into the composition of mixed microbial communities, allowing researchers to explore environmental samples and microbiome samples more deeply than before. Metagenomic sequencing service has created an Illumina-compatible library that contains V3 and V4 hypervariable regions in genes, but can be easily modified to examine different regions or different genes, such as 18S and ITS. With multiplexing capabilities, up to 108 metagenomic samples can be sequenced in a single MiSeq run.

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